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Top-Quality Video Production

Digital videos are an innovative way of gaining and captivating the audience's attention. They are also cost effective.

Our goal is to create high quality and engaging videos for our clients that deliver powerful messages to their audience. Our services can be used for video marketing, increasing conversion rates, educating your target audience about your products or services, educating about a topic in general, celebrating various kinds of events or occasions, improving your brand image and recognition, generating more engagement among your visitors and much more.


Our Award-Winning Team

We are skilled and truly passionate about delivering great value to all our clients. Our creative artist  is an expert in the field of graphics design and video creations enabling us to deliver excellent value all year round whatever the occasion.

Our Clients


We are a video marketing agency that caters to the needs of business organisations. We also offer our services to individuals celebrating various events or occasions, and to educational institutions who want to utilise the power of videos for teaching their students. 

Our mission is to deliver impact-full messages through innovative video creations while our vision is to become the  company of choice in the digital video market creation industry.

Our Services

E-Invitation & E-Celebration Videos


Sending E-invitation & E-Celebration videos instead of traditional invitation cards can help you achieve a better response rate. They also look more amazing and are easier to deliver.

People love seeing this type of videos and feel a deep connection to them. Such videos help to create wonderful memories and enhance the mood of all the participants. 

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Corporate & Educational Presentations

Many companies use corporate presentations to educate, inform, motivate or persuade their employees.

A well-made PowerPoint presentation video demonstrates professionalism and maintains a strong brand image. 

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Business Advertisements


Creating a commercial video is a great way to promote the products and services of a company. Combining audio and visual media is a great marketing tool and can skyrocket the engagement of your target audience. In fact, businesses that also utilize video commercials to promote their brand see an increase in their conversion rate by 60% to 80%.

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Our Portfolio

Christening of a precious daughter

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"The mini videos are excellent. Who can forget such an exceptional video clip that can be watched over and over again. The graphics and colour combination are splendid. It makes the celebrated also feel so special. Keep up the good work. Very much appreciated."


Absolutely Amazing


"Wow Althea, thank you so much for the birthday video, it was absolutely amazing, the arrangement, and message was outstanding. May I also add that the quality and content gets better each month. I look forward to the next one. Keep it up!!!"



"Althea is a genius and a very creative woman. The Mini videos she does are exceptional and so Beautiful that I can't but just marvel and appreciate the gifts in her. She is born with innate Talents. God bless her and prosper the work of her hands in Jesus Mighty Name. "


Excellent Videos


"The digital videos are excellent; you have moved to another level. I really enjoy looking at them and listening to the music which accompany them. I am looking to see what's coming next. Althea God bless; you are talented and gifted."


Art & Craftsmanship Combined!

  "The mini videos are a combined work of art and craftsmanship, making a statement and impact from start to finish."


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"WOW, this video is a MUST WATCH, Fantastic!! Exceptional! Excellent! Brilliant! Just Awesome!!!!!!!"



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