About Us

It's a Digital World

The world has gone digital. The-One! Digital  Concepts is a digital agency based in London, UK. It specialises in creative digital video productions for both personal occasions and commercial purposes. We connect the customers to a global audience using the technology of sight and sound. Founded in 2018, it is the brainchild of a creative artist  & accomplished graphics designer.

Innovative Creations

Digital videos are an innovative way of  reaching your target audience.

Whatever  the purpose, The-One! Digital digital Concepts will get  the job done by getting your message across in a clear, engaging and impactful way. Tell us your purpose and your audience and we design and present the message  using digital video creations.

Excellent Customer Experience

We help our clients get the most of their digital experiences through:

· Cross-channel campaigns

· Enhanced Brand

· Reaching your target audience on their preferred channel

· Unique & personalised Services

· Advanced Marketing Strategies.

· From Coast to Coast, the video says it all!

The-One! Digital Concepts


The-One! Digital Concepts is a digital agency specialising in creative video productions for both personal occasions and commercial purposes. Based in London, UK, it is the brainchild of creative artist, Althea Greenidge. 

Our goal is to create high quality and engaging videos for our clients that deliver powerful messages to their audience.

If you can imagine something that involves video, we can probably do it.


Althea Greenidge discovered her love for art at an early age. She developed a strong sense of creativity over the years and became interested in using technology to bring ideas and concepts to live.

Althea took her expertise in all things technology to a whole new level with innovative video productions that has both gained and sustained the interest of her audience. This has allowed her to help clients express their ideas more easily and in much greater detail. 

It didn’t take long for Althea to receive accolades for these innovative digital creations which has now become a well-loved brand. Clients love her work as it often brings a smile to their faces. This led Althea to finally turn her hobby into a business. 


The business name; "THE-ONE!"  is an inspiration and totally supports our vision statement to "Be the preferred company of choice in the digital video creation industry.

These creations have grown to encompass promotional videos, intros, outros, and even custom videos for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and christening ceremonies.

Our Approach

Our Mission Statement

We aim to deliver impact full messages through innovative video creations

Vision Statement

To become the company of choice in the digital video creation industry

Our Strategy

We will achieve our vision and mission by giving the clients what they want

Our Goals & Objectives

 Delivering great value and exceeding the clients' expectations