Our Services

E-Invitation Videos

Sending E-invitation videos instead of traditional invitation cards can help you achieve a better response rate. They also look more amazing and are easier to deliver.

An E-invitation video contains all the information about the event and the venue address.

E-Celebration Videos

Creating an E-celebration video for celebrating occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or christening ceremonies can add a very personal touch to the whole event. People love seeing this type of videos and feel a deep connection to them. Such videos help to create wonderful memories and enhance the mood of all the participants.  

Intro & Outro Videos

Some businesses like to record and create videos on their own. However, they seek the help of professionals when creating a custom intro or outro video. A well-made intro or outro video can help you enhance your brand image. It will also set your brand apart from your competitors, and help them remember and recall your brand more easily. 

Corporate Presentations

Many companies use corporate presentations to educate, inform, motivate or persuade their employees. It’s also a great way to conduct shareholder meetings, seek funds for starting a new business venture or seek project approval.

A well-made PowerPoint presentation video demonstrates professionalism and maintains a strong brand image. Corporate presentation videos can also be used to train new employees and help them learn about the company ethics and policies. 

Business Commercials


Creating a commercial video is a great way to promote the products and services of a company. Combining audio and visual media is a great marketing tool and can skyrocket the engagement of your target audience. In fact, businesses that also utilize video commercials to promote their brand see an increase in their conversion rate by 60% to 80%.  

We can also create mini adverts which perform very well on social media. A great advert can even become viral and help you gain free traffic. These adverts typically tend to get higher click-through rates than normal image ads.


Educational Videos


Many famous teaching institutions use videos to teach their students. Converting bite-sized informational content into mini videos makes it easier to consume information and helps improve the retention rate of the learning material. Students also love watching videos because it is more fun and appealing to watch videos than to read texts.