Creative & Excellent


"Hey Althea, what amazing, amazing video clips you make all the time celebrating friends and family occasions. They always wow me and I always look forward to them. Different innovations, new ideas you are very creative, excellent and always full of surprises.

I’m looking forward to next month. Well done and keep innovating."



"Althea, I take this opportunity to say that your videos are very uplifting. They are very creative and inspiring. They make people feel special and happy to receive such exciting messages on their birthday! Keep up the good work."


Simply Ingenious

"Althea, I salute and praise the uniqueness of your creative talented. You never cease to amaze me. You make videos fun and make people feel extraordinarily special.  This is beautiful and amazing at the same time. Keep up the good work because you are simply ingenious."




"Well thought of, it really looks professional, and makes me feel celebrated. The videos easily portray the message."


Amazing Video


"Althea has made 3 digital Videos for me so far; For My Mother, Daughter and Son they really felt Special on their birthdays and were excited. Happy, touching, amazing, extremely good!!!"


Great Inspiration


"The video that you produce monthly to celebrate other people is immensely uplifting and special as it showcases the different individuals. This means a lot; bringing smiles and especially with the mix of pictures and music that's been added makes it a special occasion in every way. Thank you for the great inspiration and work you do."